Weekend Reading: 2.4.2018

February 4, 2018

It’s been quite a week.

There was the full/blood/super moon and the usual crazy news cycle, of course. But this was also the week that I ended a working relationship with one of my lovely freelance clients (totally amicably; in fact, it’s for the best, but still) and the week my beloved boss/editor/mentor of the past 11 years retired. I am one of the very few, very lucky people who can say that she genuinely enjoys going to work every day—even when I’m complaining that it’s stressful—and that’s because of the environment that Pam, our editorial director, created. Though her replacement is completely wonderful, smart and talented, there’s just no one like Pam. On the first day she wasn’t in the office, one of my coworkers said it was like her spirit had left the building, and it’s so true. It just feels different. 

Needless to say, I planned a pretty low-key weekend. Aside from the farmers market and a yoga class, we haven’t done very much. And if you have some down time, too, here are 10 things I love on the Internet.

Have been thinking a lot about this beautiful essay this week. “Disappearance reminds us to notice, transience to cherish, fragility to defend. Loss is a kind of external conscience, urging us to make better use of our finite days. As Whitman knew, our brief crossing is best spent attending to all that we see: honoring what we find noble, denouncing what we cannot abide, recognizing that we are inseparably connected to all of it, including what is not yet upon us, including what is already gone. We are here to keep watch, not to keep.”

This essay is a must-read. It freaked me out and made me realize—again—just how broken our healthcare system is, but it is absolutely worth your time: “How to Not Die in America.”

This article on skincare at The Outline is fascinating. So is the backlash.

Everything on Jenné’s website Sweet Potato Soul looks delicious.

I loved this piece about letting go of what doesn’t serve you (via the lens of a hysterectomy).

Ask a Manager is such a treasure. I loved Alison’s advice in this post.

A recipe for two doughnuts. Um, yes.

Hello, I would like this pom pom sweater.

My friend Kalin started a food blog and her photography and recipes are beautiful, and her story is so inspiring.

I think I’m going to take Rachel’s advice and start doing this.

Photo by toile_blanche

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