The Love List: October 2017

October 30, 2017
Accidentally Wes Anderson

As a huge fan of Wes Anderson, I love scrolling through this beautiful Instagram account—the photos are stunning, and the caption for each provides really interesting information about each location. Favorite photos include this, this and this, but every single one is magical. Such a nice escape from reality, even if just for a few moments.

Leuchtturm 1917 journal

One of the things I’ve started doing as a way to take my mind off the news and everything that’s going on around the world is writing in a journal—as in, putting actual pen to paper. Inspired by this post (which was inspired by The Artist’s Way), I’ve been trying to write three pages every morning, and I’m planning to start doing daily after-work pages, too, to get out my thoughts and decompress from the day. I’ve noticed on the days I do this, I’m in a much better mood—I let go of things I may have been unconsciously hanging on to, I stay away from the news, social media and email first thing in the morning, and I get to practice writing. I use the Leuchtturm 1917, which has dotted pages, hard covers and an index (!), for both my bullet journal and my random daily musings, and I love it.

Albion Fit sweatpants

I went back and forth about ordering these pants for months because they’re kinda pricy, but finally bit the bullet and got a pair in black, hoping they’d be a good replacement for my beloved Anthropologie joggers, which I wore so much that they started falling apart. As soon as I put them on, I wondered why I’d waited so long. They are amazingly soft, and they’re perfect for everything from lounging around the house to running weekend errands. I’ve got my eyes on a gray pair, too.

A Chef’s Life

I forget exactly how I got turned on to this PBS show, but I’ve been a fan of it for several years and I’m so excited it’s back on for a fifth season. Set in Kinston, North Carolina, and starring chef Vivian Howard, it’s beautifully shot—think beauty shots of rolling country fields and sun-dappled light—and Howard is a compelling main character; I’m a huge fan of not just her cooking, but her honesty about the struggle of dealing with success; running a restaurant in a tiny, economically depressed town; and balancing professional and family life. Last year, while on our way to western North Carolina for an assignment, Rob took me to eat at Chef & the Farmer for my birthday and it was one of the best meals I’ve ever had; shortly after, I got to interview Howard as part of that same assignment, and she was amazing. To round out my fangirldom, I also bought a signed copy of her mammoth first cookbook, Deep Run Roots, and I both cook from it often and read it for pleasure; in print as well as on TV, Howard’s a great storyteller.

Mason Pearson wide-tooth comb

After a summer of tangles that I also spent growing out my bangs (and then re-cutting them again earlier this month), I invested in this comb and I swear my hair has never felt better. Initially I was afraid that it would cause even more tangles, but it turns out that my hair actually feels smoother and less knotty, which means I spend way less time combing than I did brushing. I’m fairly sure any wide-tooth comb would do the trick, to be honest, but based on everything I’ve read about Mason Pearson’s quality, I’m pretty sure I’ll have this one for ages.

Embroidered boots

Embroidered boots seem to be everywhere this fall, and I can’t wait to wear a pair of them with cropped jeans or black tights. I have fallen hard for this pair by Charlotte Stone (I have a pair of Charlotte Stone clogs and they are some of the comfiest shoes I own), but I also love this dupe by Sam Edelman for half the price.

Cashew coffee

I have a weird relationship with dairy—I love it (cheeeeeeese! ice cream!), but my skin and my stomach really don’t. And while I’ve managed to cut down on/find alternatives for a lot of things, I’ve found it hard to find a truly delicious replacement for half-and-half in my morning coffee. That is, until Lindsay at Pinch of Yum posted this genius cashew coffee recipe. Basically, you make your coffee as usual, then pour however much you want to drink (two cups, for me) in a high-speed blender with a quarter-cup-ish of roasted, unsalted cashews (if they’re already roasted, no need to soak ’em), honey to taste and a tiny pinch of salt (to balance the coffee’s bitterness). Then you blend it all up, and the result is ridiculously creamy, frothy coffee that’s 100 percent delicious—and the perfect color. It may sound like blasphemy, but I honestly prefer it to half-and-half. (P.S. I have a Bonavita coffeemaker and a Vitamix blender and love them both.)

Photo via Accidentally Wes Anderson

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