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October 16, 2016

Earlier this week, after yet another day of depressing election-related news, my mom texted me and said, “Everything is awful.” And it’s true: everything going on in politics (and the world in general) right now feels terrible. We don’t have cable at our house, and honestly, these days I’m glad–I don’t think I could stand being bombarded by it all day in and day out.

That being said, I’m trying really hard to focus on the positive right now. The weather is beautiful, for one thing–it’s finally gotten to the point where I don’t sweat when I take Rambo out in the morning. We’re planning a trip to Savannah, one of my favorite cities, too, and I can’t wait to spend time walking through all the squares and soaking up that city’s Southern Gothic charm–it’s been five years since I’ve been there and I’m so excited to get back. And next weekend, a bunch of family members (my brother and sister-in-law and Rob’s mom and sister) will be in Florida, and we’re so excited to see them all, especially my six-month-old twin (!!) niece and nephew.

So yeah, there’s lots of good stuff going on, too. And if you’re online this weekend, here are 13 links for your reading pleasure:

The ultimate guide to not being a shitty human.

The omnivore’s dilemma.

We spent three days in Western North Carolina (specifically Spruce Pine) this summer and can’t wait to go back. Bookmarking the NYT‘s “36 Hours in Asheville” for when we do.

Ace & Jig makes the prettiest clothes, and this dress is no exception.

Two new cookbooks I’m loving: Deep Run Roots and Small Victories

Perfect fall lip color: Bite Beauty’s Amuse Bouche in Liquorice, a gorgeous oxblood.

How to do a digital detox.

Love these cropped wool pants in mustard.

A colorful home that is so cool.

What’s your go-to restaurant?

These earrings are lovely.

Making this pumpkin bread ASAP.

Time for the annual reread of this. (Also: MUGS!)

Image: Michelle Armas

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