Some New Year’s Things

January 1, 2016

I was saying to my friend Chelsey the other day that I have always loved the idea of a new year as a fresh start–it makes me think of that Latin phrase I learned in Catholic school all those years ago: tabula rasa (blank slate). Making resolutions is exciting; it’s fun to think about all the things you want to accomplish, to see the year ahead through rose-colored glasses before real life interrupts, as it always does.

That said, I also think resolutions are made to be broken, and that they put an unfair amount of pressure on us, and I find I’m at my best if I just focus on being a good person and working hard. But as I mentioned, it’s exciting to make them, and I still do it every year. So, here are seven things I’d like to do in 2016 that I think are actually pretty attainable and that, resolution or not, I’d be thinking about (and hopefully, you know, actually doing), anyway.

Get married! With 29 days to go, I’m well on my way to this one.

Invest in my personal life. I’ve been thinking a lot about this over the past few weeks, and in 2016, I really want to take better care of myself. This is a really broad topic, and I’ll probably write more about each of things I’m about to list in separate posts, but to me it means making time to work out, eating right, setting boundaries (I’m really bad at this), standing up for myself (also very hard for me), letting go of relationships that don’t make me happy or that aren’t reciprocal, and–probably most importantly–making sure to unplug, as I’m constantly on my phone.

Work hard. There’s room for improvement in my full-time job, my freelance work and this blog, and I’d like to work harder to reach the goals I’d like to achieve for each of them.

Get organized. And on a related note, I need to work on being more organized this year. Though I’ve not been officially diagnosed, one of my doctors told me this year that she suspects I have mild ADHD, and hearing her say that was pretty illuminating for me in terms of understanding my personality.  With that in mind, I started using a to-do list template based on Whitney English’s Day Designer earlier this year and am amazed at how much it’s helped me focus, so I took the plunge and bought the actual hardcover planner last month so I can actually carry it around with me. I’m also trying to streamline my files more and keep lists as much as possible, as they really help me.

Be responsible with my finances. Thanks in huge part to Rob’s help, I felt more in control of my finances in 2015 than I have in several years, and I want to keep that going. It helps that I’ve got a lot of freelance work right now, and some things have changed at my full-time job that will make padding my savings account and investing more in my retirement fund easier. But I still struggle with impulse spending, and I’d like to be better about that.

Read more. I lost my library card (womp, womp) and haven’t replaced it yet, and I really need to get on that. I loved the excitement that came from a new book being ready to pick up, and having something to look at other than my phone was really great in helping me unplug/wind down from the day.

And finally, a slightly superficial one: Take better care of my skin. I started seeing a new aesthetician last month and the change in my skin has been profound. I’ll write more about my new regimen soon (I want to give it more time to, you know, work), but I have such sensitive, finicky skin that I’m learning that investing in good products and make a facial part of my routine are well worth it.

What are your goals for the new year? I’d love to hear.

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