December 9, 2015

In case you need a little love today, I thought I’d share this letter, written from my paternal grandfather to my grandmother in 1943. My grandfather was deployed–he eventually went overseas, to France–but when he wrote this, he was in Fort Pickett, Virginia, while she was in Scranton, Pennsylvania. It’s so lovely and romantic–you just don’t see things like this anymore. I’ve transcribed it below (minus the couple of words I couldn’t understand and a spelling correction or two) as much for your reading pleasure as mine–I’m glad the letter can live in this space now.

Darling mine,

How precious those syllables! Mine! Mine! All mine! The very thought makes me shiver in delicious ecstasy. 

Over and over I repeat to myself, “It is impossible, a fallacy, a trick of imagination.” I could not be so worthy as to possess an angel. God has been good. Too good.

To say I love you seems so incomplete. Adoration, complete […] worship of your every feature, your every thought. I can only partially describe my feelings.

I am yours alone, darling. Please ask of me any task, no matter how menial […] All of me belongs to you completely.

Your Jack


Happy Wednesday, friends. xoxo

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