November 22, 2015

Happy Sunday! How have your weekends been going? I had work event yesterday, and today we’re going out to breakfast (my fave), I’m working on wedding stuff with a friend, and then making this for dinner and snuggling up to watch Homeland (we’re obsessed!). I’m also crossing my fingers that the cooler weather we’re supposed to get actually makes it here–I’m dying to wear my new boots and an actual sweater to work on Monday.

If you’re online this weekend, here are 11 fun links…

A great profile of Jennifer Lawrence. (Related: this clip of her and Jimmy Fallon made me laugh so hard.)

If you’re looking for an amazing Thanksgiving side dish, I can’t recommend this one enough.

I like Grace’s approach to health during the holiday season.

Really, really want to try this snail cream (no, seriously).

The five stages of ghosting grief. 

This hat is so cute.

Frozen pumpkin pie–yes, please. (via Cup of Jo)

A quick fix for chapped lips. 

Sequin pants! 

Really good dinner-party tips. 

Can’t wait to see this movie. 

Have a wonderful Sunday. xoxo

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