November 18, 2015

We are 72 days out from our wedding, which means my urge to Get Things Done is in full effect. Our invitations have gone out (more on those next week–we designed them ourselves!), our vendors are all booked, and we’ve found an officiant, which was the one really big thing we had left on our to-do list. Now it’s all tying up loose ends, confirming stuff (and confirming, and confirming some more), and thinking about things like Rob’s suit (I’m pushing for navy) and my hair and makeup look.

Originally, I was thinking about wearing my hair half-up and half-down, maybe with a braid–and I’m definitely still considering it. But then I saw this pretty updo on Kate Middleton (above) and I’m kind of in love with it, not in the least because it will keep the hair off the back of my neck. Either way, I’m eschewing the veil for a sparkly headband that I have yet to find.


As far as makeup goes, because we’re getting married in the middle of the winter, I’m thinking of doing a strong red lip a la Jennifer Lawrence in this photo (although not quite that matte). I love this whole makeup look–it’s so pretty and, I think, kind of different than the pastel makeup you see a lot of brides going for. I’m definitely taking this photo to the hair and makeup trial run in January. And I’m thinking of going with a red manicure, too–I mean, why not? It’s festive and it’ll look great with the gold accents in my dress and on the shoes I plan on wearing (but still have to buy).

What’s your go-to look for formal events? Have any great hair and makeup tips to share? I’d love to hear! xoxo

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