October 18, 2015

Yay, weekend! How have yours been so far, friends? Mine’s been great–not only have I been feeling like myself again after several months of, well, not (more on that soon), my mom came to town yesterday and we had a great time gallivanting around Sarasota. My friend Cami is an amazing designer, and we visited her cute downtown studio, where my mom bought a dress for my wedding; we had lunch at this delicious Greek restaurant; we stopped for coffee and a sweet treat; and we ran some other errands. Plus, the weather is gorgeous–not fall-like for most of you, by any means, but about 80 degrees with low humidity and a warm breeze. I went for a jog last night and felt so good afterward.

What are your plans for the rest of the weekend? If you’re online, here are 12 great links:

Bravo, Jennifer Lawrence.

Another great beauty uniform.

I would wear this outfit every single day, no joke.

Vanity Fair takes a look at 19th-century cocktails.

Vermont spice cake. Yum.

President Obama talks to Marilynne Robinson.

This striped sweater looks so cozy. (And it’s 40 percent off with the code LAYERUP.)

Say what you will, but this profile of Spencer and Heidi Pratt is legitimately interesting.

Cute dress from SEA.

So random and funny: This company will ship you fall foliage. Perfect for Floridians?!

Love these shoes in pink.

A really good post about body image (and the pressures blogging/social media puts on women).

Happy Sunday! xoxo

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