September 25, 2015

If fall’s not quite in the air here yet, the weather is turning. I can feel it in the mornings, when I’m heading to my car for work, and in the evenings when we take Rambo for his nightly walks. Even in the middle of the day, the temperature is a little bit lower and the humidity has dropped. Our Indian summer/early fall is height of summer for almost every other state, but to me the difference is palpable, and I’m happy about it.

And as usual, if you’re in the mood for some weekend reading, here are 10 great links…

There’s a supermoon eclipse on Sunday; can’t wait to see it.

Anne-Marie Slaughter’s article about toxic work environments–and how we have to change them–is a must-read.

Good tips for getting your morning off to a better start.

Yum–baked maple-walnut oatmeal sounds perfect for fall.

Another great beauty uniform–and I love Claire’s thoughts on exercise and mental health.

Related–and random: I got this honey heel glaze in a gift bag and it’s so great for my feet, which are perpetually cracked.

Molly Hatch’s home is so pretty.

Love this plaid shirt.

And this is such a lovely dress.

Good thoughts on respecting your body.

Have a great weekend! xoxo


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