August 4, 2015

Five things on my radar this month.

Birkenstocks When Birks became trendy again, I swore on everything holy that I would never wear them. Then I saw a pair at Madewell that I couldn’t stop thinking about. Now I’m a total convert–even though they’re pure white, mine somehow manage to stay totally clean, and they’re incredibly comfortable, which is a huge plus since I hurt my heel in a freak accident in July and have had to wear them almost every day since. Plus, they look cute with jeans and striped T-shirt.

Suite One Studio plates I’ve admired Suite One Studio‘s beautiful ceramics for a loooong time, and these pink plates with gold rims top my wish list. So pretty. Maybe something to register for…

Tarte Amazonian Clay foundation I have very sensitive, very pale skin, which means the slightest variation in routine makes me red and itchy and I have to stick to as natural a skincare routine as possible. I’ve been loyal to Bare Minerals’ foundation for years, but after reading some glowing reviews of Tarte’s Amazonian Clay line, I decided to get a sample of the foundation from Sephora and see how it worked. In short: It’s amazing and I’m a convert. Can’t recommend this product enough.

Tortoiseshell hair I love this trend. It’s a blend of three or more hair colors focusing on golden tones with lots of warmth. Ever since an unfortunate experiment with highlights a few years back, I’ve kept my hair its normal dark-brown shade–but this look, combined with the fact that my hairdresser recommended balyage to me recently, has me tempted to switch it up.

Moroccan carpets Last year I bought a Moroccan-inspired carpet for our living room and I love it. Now I’m on the hunt for a big, colorful one for our bedroom, and the ones from Coco Carpets totally fit the bill. They’re so fun.

P.S. July’s monthly edit.

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    August 4, 2015 at 9:33 am

    What? birkinstocks became trendy – again? When did they go away? I’ve been wearing mine for years, I bet people have people been laughing at me and calling me uncool.
    And do the hair dye. I love mine! x

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      Megan @ Pink O'Clock
      August 4, 2015 at 10:33 am

      I think you’re right re: Birks never actually going out of style–maybe more people just discovered them for the first time recently? All of a sudden I saw a huge upswing in people wearing them. Either way, I am keeping mine forever because they are the most comfortable thing I’ve ever put on my feet (even moreso than my beloved Rainbow flipflops!). This foot injury is an excellent excuse to wear them to work all the time. 😉

      And your hair looks amazing!

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