July 9, 2015

Happy Thursday! Today I’m kicking off a new series in an attempt to get more regular content up on the blog–every month, I’ll be sharing five things that are on my radar–beauty products, apps, clothes, books, etc. Here’s July’s–hope you enjoy.

1. This chambray shirt from Anthropologie has been my go-to lately; the detailing dresses it up, but the soft fabric and loose fit make it perfect for the humid, 95-degree-plus days we’ve been having lately. P.S. It’s currently on sale!

2. I’ve been looking forward to Rifle Paper Co.’s planners since Anna Bond shared a sneak peek on Instagram a few months back, and they’re finally available for pre-order. The one with the black background is my favorite, but it also comes in a lovely blue toile print, too.

3. My hair looks best after a dip in our salty Gulf waters–I basically get the waves I dream of. I’ve honestly thought about filling up a spray bottle with ocean water and spritzing it in my hair after a morning shower, but until I’m either smart or crazy enough to remember to do that, I’ve been using this sea salt spray, which smells great and does the job well.

4. I’m running out of some of my makeup and am thinking of trying some new products when it’s time to replace them. One of them is RMS Beauty’s Lip2Cheek balm, which is coconut oil-based and can be used on your cheeks or your lips (as per the name). I love this pretty pink shade, which is called Demure, and I’ll also be ordering their Living Luminzer balm, which–according to all the reviews I read–is like a miracle highlighter.

5. I forget how I first stumbled across Deliciously Ella, but I’m totally charmed by her blog, which features a bevy of plant-based, gluten-free recipes that actually sound good. She just came out with a cookbook, too, which I’m sure I’ll end up ordering sooner rather than later; in the meantime, I can’t wait to try her raw brownies and energy bites. (I’m having this internal war right now in which I’m trying to reconcile my desire to eat healthy with my desire to stuff my face with Ruffles potato chips.)

So there you have it–five things on my radar this month. What’s on yours? Would love to hear. xoxo

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