June 8, 2015

About a year ago, I had an epiphany about footwear, and it’s one that I’m starting to have when it comes to the rest of my wardrobe…

My epiphany: It’s better to invest in things that you can wear forever rather than buy throwaway pieces that last for one or two washes before ripping or shrinking or killing your feet. (I love you, trendy Target shoes, but you give me the worst blisters in the world.)

I’ve also realized that sometimes expensive clothing is actually pretty cheaply made. (I’m looking at you, $100 floral pants that got a hole in them after two wears.)

So, to that end, my goal this year is to be way more conscious of how I shop and to build a wardrobe of well-made basics that will last a really long time. (In other words: less stuff, better quality.) It’ll definitely be a process–by no means do I have an unlimited budget for this–but I think it will be fun, especially because stores like T.J. Maxx carry off-season, well-made designer items, and eBay is a trove of gently used–and, honestly, many times brand-new–treasures, too.

So here’s a list of the pieces I’d ultimately like to incorporate into my wardrobe (and some that I already have):

Casual sneakers (I just got a pair of taupe Bensimons)
Rain boots (Hunter FTW–mine are fire-engine red!)
Casual sandals (Swedish Hasbeens are my favorite because they mold to your foot)
Leather flip-flops
Long black workout leggings (I have to admit, lululemon is the best for these)
Dark-wash jeans
Perfect denim cut-offs
Black skinny jeans
Black skinny pants
Classic black pumps
Brown leather riding boots
Leopard-print ballet flats
A-line skirt
White, gray and navy-striped cotton T-shirts
White blouse
Chambray button-down
Patterned blouse
Patterned scarf
Long black or navy cardigan
Black dress
Windbreaker in olive or navy
Puffer vest
Gold necklace
Gold earrings

Anything I should add to the list? And do you subscribe to the “less stuff, better quality” philosophy, as well?

P.S. Would you ever wear a uniform?

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