June 22, 2015

Over the weekend, my friend Leah and I went to an event that JDub’s, one of our local breweries, was holding. The draw? Adult root beer floats, made with Not Your Father’s Root Beer and cold, creamy vanilla ice cream. Yum. We were totally sold by the floats, but when we found out that Polpo Pizza Co.–a pizza truck that makes the best pies in town–would be there as well, we made it a point to head over. And it was totally worth it: Turns out Polpo’s spicy Bee Sting pizza and a root beer float is basically my dream summer meal.

That got me thinking: Wouldn’t a pizza and root beer float party be so fun to do at home? It’d be super easy–you could even buy the pizza dough from the grocery store, and either grill or bake the pies with the toppings you like best. And if kids were hanging out, you could do non-alcoholic root beer floats as well. So fun and simple, right? Next time we have a gathering, we’re definitely doing this.

P.S. Guinness floats!

P.P.S. Shameless plug–I wrote about Polpo Pizza Co. for work here.

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