June 10, 2015

The other day, I was reading Into the Gloss and came across this neat perfume trick…

Spray perfume in your hair! Apparently, hair holds perfume’s scent best (even better than skin), and spraying it into your locks creates a lovely sillage (the term for the sweet scent left behind by the perfume wearer). Isn’t that neat? I’ve been trying to remember to do it every morning–with temps hovering in the 90s here, I’ll employ any trick to help keep myself smelling fresh.

Oh, and after years of hunting for a signature scent (it was a bit of an obsession), I’ve finally found a perfume that I love: Carven’s Le Parfum. It’s a light scent–very floral but not overpoweringly so–and I just kept coming back to it over and over again when I’d look for something to spray on. Highly recommend giving it a sniff if you’re on the hunt for a new perfume.

What perfume do you wear–and would you ever spray it in your hair?

P.S. More pro tips.

Photo via Cupcakes and Cashmere

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