May 4, 2015

I haven’t written all that much about our wedding because there’s really not that much to report right now. In fact, I’ve gotten a huge chunk of the details nailed down: our venue, our caterer (which is part of the venue, but is being helmed by a lovely longtime family friend), our photographer, our florist, our DJ, the people who’re going to do my hair and makeup, and my dress. R. is going to design the invitations and help me with our wedding website, and I plan on DIY-ing any extras we may want. We’re not having a bridal party and we’re trying to keep the whole thing really intimate and fun–less like a stuffy wedding and more like a big party.

So yeah, I’ve got it pretty well under control. But here’s the thing: I’m wondering if we are going to need help in the month leading up to the event. Obviously I’m doing just fine at this point, but we’re still eight months out. I’m rather tightly wound to begin with, and prone to anxiety, and I’ve been thinking lately that it couldn’t hurt to have some help. R. swears he can help set up the morning of, and my mom (rightfully) insists she has plenty of party planning experience, but none of us have ever planned a wedding before, and it seems like having someone available to coordinate the details of the rehearsal and make sure everything is in its proper place the day of–and leading up to the day of–might be a good choice.

Of course, on the flip side, wedding planners are also not inexpensive, and the frugal part of me wonders if we couldn’t put that chunk of change to better use.

So, recently married blog friends, I ask you: Did you have a planner or coordinator for your wedding, and was it worth it? I’d really love to know.

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