April 28, 2015

Last Friday, in my weekly links roundup, I shared a compelling piece about wearing a work uniform, and I’m still thinking about it today. I grew up wearing uniforms to school, and while I haaaaaated them at the time, as an adult I realize how much agony it took out of my morning getting-ready ritual and how much sartorial strife my fellow classmates and I probably avoided thanks to that itchy gray plaid skirt and monogrammed white polo shirt–there was no snarkiness about who had the coolest designer jeans or the trendiest top, you know? (In fact, the only place we were allowed some creative expression was our shoes, but they had to be black leather and almost everyone wore T-strap Doc Martens. I remember begging my mom for a pair.)


As an adult, I also stick to some version of a uniform–I wear skinny jeans, a heel and a patterned top to work almost every day, and on the weekends, too–and that also takes a lot of guesswork out of my mornings, which is good. But then I started thinking about what clothing I’d wear to work every single day, if I had to, and it was hard at first, but I think I’ve come up with something: an ankle-length black pant (these are a favorite), a chambray shirt (I just bought this one but also love the more traditional button-down) and a black pointy-toe pump (though electric blue, like Olivia Palermo is wearing in the above photo, is also pretty cool).

The more I think about it, the more a work uniform just makes sense. I work in a really casual office environment, and I feel like after some initial questions, no one would even notice. What about you? Would you wear a work uniform? And if you wore a uniform growing up, did you find it freeing or restrictive? I’d love to know.

P.S. The Cup of Jo post that inspired this one.

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    April 29, 2015 at 1:59 am

    My office is super casual so it’s usually skinnies and a nice t or a demi shirt! I don’t understand heels though so it’s always flats! I guess it’s pretty much a uniform for me too!

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