April 21, 2015

Do you know what happens when you get engaged, even if you are planning a fairly low-key wedding? You start to think about everything you want to, um, “perfect” before the big day. For me, that means I have a real big deadline to lose the “love weight” I put on last year, and also that I need to grow out my hair and make sure my skin is in the best shape possible.

Re: that last point, I know I need to go see a dermatologist again, not in the least because it’s been awhile since my last appointment and oh, did I mention I’m the palest person alive? But until I do that, I’ve been trying to pare down my skincare regimen, using as many natural products as possible and trying to follow an actual routine. Here’s what I’ve been doing/using.

Wash with Clarisonic + Purpose face cleanser twice daily. I bought a Clarisonic brush like two years ago, but got lazy about using it after I neglected to replace the brush head. But my aesthetician recommended I use it again, so I bought a new brush head (the delicate one) and have committed to using it twice a day, no matter how tired or rushed I am. I have to say, my face feels great–softer and cleaner than it has in a really long time, and the brush isn’t irritating my super, super sensitive skin. I use Purpose face wash just because a dermatologist recommended it years and years ago (like, when I was in high school); it’s available at most drugstores.

Tone with witch hazel twice daily. I wrote about this rose petal witch hazel toner a few weeks back, and I’m still loving it–it makes my skin feel so soft, it removes any last traces of makeup I may have missed when using the Clarisonic and it smells fantastic. Plus, you only need a tiny bit of it, so one bottle goes a long way.

Apply face balm twice daily. Last time I was getting my eyebrows done, my aesthetician noticed that the skin on my forehead was red and irritated, which is pretty representative of my skin’s natural state. So she gave me a sample of a face balm she’s been working on, and I don’t know what exactly is in it, but I know it’s all-natural–filled with good-for-you ingredients like coconut oil, jojoba, etc. I also know that it’s apparently magic: I use a teeny, teeny tiny bit and rub it between my fingers until it’s warmed up enough to be spreadable, and then I massage it into my face. I swear my skin looks more glow-y these days because of it, and it certainly feels better–my normally combination skin (seriously, it can go from dry to oily based on the hour) feels much more like its in a state of contentment. If you’re looking for something similar, I have used and liked this (which is also good for dry skin patches on your elbows, hands, etc.).

Lotion: Here’s a secret: My aesthetician also makes and sells this amazing lotion called “Let It Glow” that she said would be a great gift for my pregnant best friend, as it’s uber-moisturizing and can help minimize stretch marks. Well, I’m a bad friend because I totally got into it and have been using it myself. Like the balm, it’s all-natural–it contains coconut, almond, avocado and olive oils, aloe, vitamin E and more, and it is the best thing I’ve ever put on my skin. I use it after my shower and it’s so soothing and moisturizing. Plus, it smells like sweet almonds. (I also love this moisturizing spritz, which One Love Organics–I swear I’m not shilling for them–just released a new version of.)

Makeup: I wear makeup every day, and I’m very loyal to Bare Minerals because it’s free of bad stuff and doesn’t bother my skin. I used to wear the powdered mineral foundation, but now I use the Bare Skin foundation and I love it. I top it off with blush and a dusting of Bare Minerals’ pressed powder and I’m good to go. (I should probably be using Bare Minerals blush, too, and maybe I’ll end up switching, but right now I’m partial to Sonia Kashuk’s blush in Flushed or, when I feel splurgy, NARS’ Orgasm.)

What about you–anything you’ve been putting on your face and loving, especially as we transition to warmer weather? I’d love to know.

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