April 8, 2015

I was at the beach on Easter Sunday when I thought to myself, “Why don’t I take myself for a dip in the Gulf more often?” Seriously, the weather at this time of year is perfect for swimming and sunbathing and the beach is literally a 10-minute (if that) drive from my house.

It was right around the time that I had that little epiphany that I also realized I’m in desperate need of a new bathing suit. My beloved navy polka-dotted maillot is now different colors, thanks to fading from chlorine and saltwater, and it’s just generally time to get a new one. Then–and this is a little weird, I admit it–I saw a girl on the beach wearing the adorable scalloped black one-piece pictured above and talked about how cute it was for so long that my friend Kate finally went up to her and asked her where she got it (thank you, Kate!). FYI, it’s Marysia and it’s perfect and it also comes in white for those of you who are not as pale as I am.

Unfortunately, this suit is way outside my price range, so I’m still on the hunt–but I love it so much that I thought I’d put together a little imaginary outfit to go with it. It’d be so easy to throw a striped shirt and cutoffs over this suit–pair them with these Joie sandals (also high on my wishlist) and a swipe of my favorite red lipstick and you’re good to go from beach to boardwalk.

P.S. Another adorable Marysia suit. 

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