March 3, 2015

Just some quick updates about what’s been going on around these parts…read on to see more!


Clockwise from top left:

We’re all moved in and I’m enjoying the treehouse vibes we get in our new place. The only thing I miss is our back yard; otherwise it’s a huge upgrade and the peace of mind we have right now is priceless.

I’ve been eating so much kale salad lately and loving it. The one pictured here is from Artisan Cheese Company; my favorite make-at-home version is here. (Side note: Since giving up bread R.’s gone down a pants size, I’ve lost eight pounds, and we’re both making much healthier choices and feeling so much better. Hooray!)

We’re also less than a year away from our wedding now!

Gardenias are blooming in our neighborhood and I could not be happier.

Seven Sundays blueberry-buckwheat-chia muesli with Greek yogurt, Florida strawberries, bananas and a wee drizzle of honey is my new go-to breakfast bowl. Delicious.

This little pink house makes me happy, not in the least because of the model ship in the window.

It’s snowbird season in Sarasota. That sign says it all.

Buddy Brew Coffee opened an outpost downtown, and I could not be happier. Give me all the caffeine.


I signed up for a 20-in-31 Pure Barre challenge, and I’m pretty committed to actually completing it. Posting here for extra accountability.

Neil deGrasse Tyson is coming to Sarasota later this month and I get to hear him speak (!), and I’m very-very-very excited.

Still obsessed with the rose petal witch hazel I wrote about here.

Going to give the old blog a little facelift later this month, so stay tuned!

What’s going on with you guys? I’d love to hear.

All photos via my Instagram. Follow along @pinkoclock.

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