March 13, 2015

Happy Friday, friends! What are your plans for the weekend? I’m taking Monday off work to go have my first meeting with the people who are going to cater our wedding (!), and we’re going to a spring training game. Also on the agenda: two Pure Barre classes so I can stick to my challenge schedule and a trip to the farmer’s market so I can get some amazing brisket from this guy (seriously, I am not even a barbecue fan and his brisket is the best stuff in the world). Other than that, it’s more home organization (the big stuff is all arranged and put away; it’s just the little knickknacks that remain) and lots of cuddle time with our boy Rambo. I’m looking forward to all of it.

Also: I gave the site a little facelift! I liked the last iteration a lot, but I wanted bigger photos and more text instead of a smaller list of posts or grid view with just an excerpt. So that’s what I’ve got. It feels clean and easy to navigate, it’s responsive, it maintains my hot pink accents and I love it. Any feedback is welcome, of course.

Oh, and if you’re in the mood for some reading this weekend, here are 11 great links:

Grace at Design*Sponge on negativity on the Internet–100 percent worth the read.

Speaking of: “I am not my Internet personality, and you probably aren’t yours, either.”

This post on Cup of Jo made me tear up. What a wonderful tribute to a brave and beautiful soul.

This piece makes me question everything I know about commas. (Also, it’s so good.)

How to find your soul mate.

And after you find him or her, here are the kitchen tools you’ll need on your wedding registry.

Also, this (local) wedding is super sweet. Love the bride’s tea-length dress.

President Obama reads mean tweets; hilarity ensues.

I’m kind of excited to watch this show.

A year with no makeup.

This book is up next on my reading list.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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