February 19, 2015

I first came across Rajovilla‘s beautiful watercolor clutches last year, and I’ve been smitten with them ever since (I even included them on my Christmas list). They’re hand-painted by an artist named Joya Lague, and the designs are inspired by her father’s family home in India, a place where, Joya writes on her website, all her senses were awakened. “I was enchanted by the familiar smells and taste of spices coming from the kitchen and a visual kaleidoscope of colors like a turquoise spiral metal staircase, the tiles in the bathroom, the woven tapestry on the sofas and the artwork on the walls,” she says.

And seriously, aren’t these clutches beautiful? They come in black, green, pink and yellow, and while I think the pink is my favorite (no surprise there), I’m also partial to the yellow, which makes me think of spring. One of these is definitely at the tippy-top of my wish list; click here to shop, if you’d like, and click here to follow Joya on Instagram–her photos are lovely.

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