February 27, 2015

Oh, hi. Sorry for the silence this week–we finished our move last Sunday it’s been all unpacking and adjusting to life in our new place since then. Luckily, R. is a crackerjack mover (he moved multiple times when he was a kid; I moved once in 22 years, and that was to college), and we are much more organized than we would be if I was in charge of everything. There’s still a lot of stuff that needs to be organized, and we’re still adjusting to not having a back yard for Rambo to run around in, but the flipside is that we’re purging a lot and no back yard is forcing us to go for lots of walks.

Anyway, this weekend our plans are to hit the farmer’s market, do a little volunteering (if it doesn’t rain) and continue unpacking–and I’m planning on getting a pedicure, having brunch with girlfriends and taking a Pure Barre class or two. Hope you have a wonderful weekend; here are 14 fun links if you’re in the mood for some reading.

This blog is adorable (and yes, the writer’s name is actually Kitty).

Kate’s talk (and blog post) on ugliness is worth a watch.

Speaking of: This.

After last week’s cold front–and because the only coat I own has three-quarter-length sleeves, and I nearly froze my seat off last week without one–I’m contemplating this parka from Zara. (Maybe it’ll go on sale soon!)

Speaking of shopping, Anthropologie is offering 25 percent off sale stuff.

Slurpee waves in Nantucket. Just looking at these photos makes me feel so cold.

The 150th anniversary edition of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, illustrated by Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Co., looks lovely.

Fifty-two places to go in 2015. (Cool to see Orlando on this list!)

Adorable red pandas frolicking in the snow at the Cincinnati Zoo: OMG. I love them.

The beautiful Keri Russell’s skincare regimen. (Have I mentioned we’re obsessed with The Americans?)

An adorable–and teeny–apartment.

Am enjoying the Home Ec series on Design*Sponge (maybe the slob in me will even take some of it to heart).

Love looking at the fashion in the new Mad Men trailer.

And finally, an oldie but goodie: I’ve sent this post to coworkers before and it always makes me laugh.

Photo by Kevin Schafer/Corbis for The New York Times

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