February 9, 2015

Are you watching The Americans?

R. and I are obsessed. We just finished season two (via Amazon Prime), and every night for the past week or so we’d eat dinner then settle onto the couch with Rambo to watch one–or, let’s be honest, usually two or three–episodes. Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys star as Elizabeth and Philip Jennings, KGB spies posing as American travel agents who live a totally-normal-on-the-outside life in the suburbs of Washington, D.C.  The show is full of murder, drugs, sex and general screwery, but there’s also a whole lot of deeply thought-provoking commentary on the ideas of marriage, family, commitment (to a cause, to another person) and patriotism, and what exactly they mean.

Vulture‘s Matt Zoller Seitz penned this great article that I linked to a few weeks back, titled “For the Love of God, Watch The Americans Tonight,” and it’s worth re-sharing here.  In the piece, Steitz writes, “The whole show is so slippery that it’s hard to find anything in it to hold on to. No sooner has a scene or subplot become emotionally concrete, and sometimes hugely affecting, than it takes a surprising or alarming turn and flips your sympathies upside down. This Reagan-era time capsule about Russian spies posing as American travel agents is one of the better current examples of antihero TV.”

I, for one, totally agree. If you’re not already tuning in, and you like this genre of show, you need to. Right now.

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