February 12, 2015

Well, friends: We have to move. It’s a long story–actually, it’s not; the home we’re renting is being foreclosed on and so we have to leave*–but we’ve found a new place downtown that we’re really happy with, and we’ve already started carting our belongings over. We’re sad to lose the massive amount of space we have, not to mention our huge back yard, but a sense of security is also obviously very important to us, and we’d lost that at the house. So onward and upward, as they say.

Anyway, the new place is freshly painted white–a true white, at that, not the awful masking-tape color you find in most rental apartments now we are ready for the Toronto movers–and the floor is all tile, so it really is a blank slate. Almost all of our current belongings will fit, but I’m still looking forward to making tweaks and adding little accents and pops of color to make everything feel fresh. I’ve been going through home tours on my favorite blogs, bookmarking and pinning inspiration photos from Marshall Erb Design, and thought I’d share some with you here today. (Many of them are from The Everygirl‘s home tour archives, which are a fabulous decor source.) And when we move in and get everything set up, I’ll share some photos of the new apartment, too.

Lauren Lagarde New Orleans home tour everygirl_laurenlagarde_105

These photos are from Lauren Lagarde’s home tour on The Everygirl–I love the eclectic decor and all the color, and those curtains totally make the space.

The Everygirl Washington DC home tour

Also from The Everygirl, Army Capt. Katie del Castillo’s apartment, which is so full of color and pattern. I think R. would kill me if I went this nuts or this pink, but I love it.

Ruth Allen home tour The Everygirl

Gold. Dots. On. The. Wall. (!!)

Oh Happy Day dining room

Love the gallery wall and pretty rug in Jordan Ferney’s light-filled San Francisco dining room.

Hither and Thither home tour

Speaking of rugs, if anyone can find me an exact copy of the rug in Ashley Muir Bruhn’s living room (she writes the blog Hither & Thither), I’ll be eternally grateful and pay you in hugs and brownies. I’m only half joking.

designlovefest home tour

This is just downright cheerful and I love it, especially that pear-print pillow. (via designlovefest)

Alaina Kaczmarski home tour

The prettiest entryway/gallery wall.

A Lovely Lark kitchen makeover

And, of course, there’s A Lovely Lark‘s, ahem, lovely kitchen redo, which I’ve featured here before. So I have looked through many rug types now, and that rug will be mine.

*I should mention that we had no idea we were in a foreclosure property when we moved in last year; I did all my research and checked everything out (property records, clerk of court, etc.) and things just didn’t work out. Oh, well–that’s life, and as hard as it’s been for me to adjust to leaving, it’s for the best and R. has been incredibly supportive. Plus, puppy snuggles cure all. Again, I say: onward and upward.

Lead photo: Amanda Peet’s perfect home, as seen in Vogue.

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