January 27, 2015

bang bang shrimp recipe

So I think I mentioned briefly that R. and I are trying to curb our carb and sugar intake so as to take off some of our, ahem, “love weight,” and I must say that it’s going really well so far. We’re trying not to be crazy about it, but in addition to actually seeing results we’re both feeling a lot better. In fact, I have way more energy than usual and I think it’s scaring R.–he’s started saying, “Have a loaf!” to me when I’m feeling especially, uh, enthusiastic.

Anyway, at first we adhered to a diet that pretty much consisted of chicken and broccoli, but that got old pretty quick and we’re starting to branch out a little. This weekend I made a delicious cauliflower crust pizza (I’ll share the recipe soon), and I also whipped up this lightened-up bang bang shrimp for dinner on Saturday night. Because I was home alone, I halved the recipe (and had leftovers, actually), and served the shrimp atop a big bed of mixed greens instead of the slaw the recipe includes, and it was still totally delicious. The sauce is just the right amount of spicy, the cornstarch gives the shrimp some extra texture, and the fresh leafy greens balance everything out. This is definitely going in the repertoire.

What have you been cooking lately? I’d love to know.

Photo via How Sweet Eats

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