January 14, 2015

olive oil fried eggs

In an effort to lose the love weight we’ve both put on since moving in together last year, R. and I are trying to cut back on the carbs and sugar we love so dearly, instead eating way more lean protein and tons of veggies. It’s not been the easiest transition (do you know how hard it is to stay away from my office’s kitchen on Doughnut Fridays?), but I have to say, since we’ve started, I am actually feeling a bit lighter.

It probably also helps that December 2014, Month of Six Thousand Christmas Cookies, is over.

Anyway, since embarking on this project, I’ve become more adventurous in my snacks. For example, did you know that radish slices topped with just a dab of butter and some flaky salt are totally delicious? And that there’s a reason why kale chips (which I’d long loved, but apparently forgotten about) are so popular? Also, I have slightly upped my cheese intake, thanks to the advice of my friend Louise the cheesemonger: I hope I’m quoting her correctly when I tell you that she told me that eating a little raw milk cheese when you feel the mid-morning or mid-afternoon munchies can help curb more serious hunger pangs (so far, this seems to be true).

Another thing I’ve recently discovered–thanks to this month’s Bon Appetit–is the olive oil fried egg. I love eggs of all kinds, but until, like, last week I’d just fried mine in a little butter and called it a day. Frying them in olive oil totally ups the ante: The eggs acquire crunchy, lacy brown edges and a crispy underbelly, and the olive oil adds a really nice flavor. You don’t need a lot of oil–you just need enough so that everything sizzles when you plop in the eggs, and then you cook everything as per usual, until the whites set and the yolks are as runny or as firm as you’d like them. This weekend I had two for lunch/brunch, with some turkey bacon and a cup of coffee and Rambo at my feet, and it was totally delightful. Eggs-cellent, even. (Oh come on, you knew that was coming.)

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