January 9, 2015


Happy Friday! What a week it’s been: There have been some major highs (we set our wedding date and booked our venue), but of course also some big-time lows–what happened in Paris is soul-draining and awful and I can’t stop thinking about those journalists who thought they were starting a regular editorial meeting on a regular day–it hits very close to home. Hug your loved ones, friends.

I’m looking forward to a pretty quiet weekend–we’ve had a bit of a cold snap here, but it’s supposed to warm up again, so I’m hoping for a long bridge walk and/or a bike ride. I’m also hoping to do quite a bit of cooking; we’re officially on our wedding diet (more on that later), and after a week of chicken and steamed veggies it’s time for some new flavors. (If you’ve got any soup recommendations, in particular, I’d love to hear them!)

And of course, as per usual, here’s some weekend reading, if you’re interested:

The cover of next week’s New Yorker is so moving. 

The art of saying thank you. I really want to send more snail mail this year; getting a thank-you card or a just-because card is the best.

Shameless plug: Where to find the best coffee in Sarasota (ahem, I wrote this).

Love this French beauty uniform (and the whole “beauty uniform” series, at that).

Speaking of: The looks you’re born with and the looks you’re given. (h/t to my friend Ashley for this one.)

An argument for clean eating.

You all probably already know this, but Cheryl Strayed has a new podcast–yippee!

The best leggings for working out (and then tucking into boots).

Emily’s best buys of 2014 list has some good stuff in it. (I love these kinds of round-ups.)

I’m reading this book and–dare I say it?–it actually is me want to tidy up.

If this doesn’t make you feel good, your soul is made of tar: Blade the wee tortoise, whose legs don’t work due to a growth disorder, has a tiny Lego wheelchair.

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