January 8, 2015

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I can’t tell if I’m going to be posting a lot or a little here this year–I guess time will tell–but I should warn you that, while this site will not be turning into a weddings blog, you can expect a fair amount of wedding-related content as R. and I navigate the planning of our January 2016 nuptials. (Plus, aside from being super excited about my own, I love weddings in general and write pretty frequently about them for work, so there you go.)

Here’s where we are as of right now: The wedding’s going to be in January 2016, as I mentioned, because Rob and I are both prone to major sweating–attractive, I know!–and the idea of a spring or summer wedding in Florida is a no-no for us. (And yeah, you can still totally have an 80-degree day in January here, but at least it wouldn’t be too humid.) We’re still finalizing the date and the venue (waiting for contracts and such), but we know it’s going to be a pretty small evening affair, held not in Sarasota, but in the town where I grew up, which just feels right. I’ve enthusiastically started a Google Docs wedding folder with a preliminary guest list and random thoughts about food, music, vendors and decor, I have a wedding binder (!), and pretty soon I think my mother is going to start screening my calls because the wedding is basically all I want to talk about with her. Also, we’ve decided that R., who is an illustrator/graphic designer, is going to design the invitations, which I’m super excited to art direct (and which R. himself might be a little scared of–the art direction, that is, not the designing).

We also know that we don’t want it to be very formal or uber-traditional; we definitely want something beautiful, but R., my mom and I all agree that it should feel like a party (i.e., really good food and music). The best weddings I’ve been to have been on the more casual side, with the bride’s and groom’s personalities shining through; at one I attended last spring, all the guests walked into the reception to the DJ blaring Motown music, a theme which continued throughout the night and which made everyone want to dance right from the get-go. It was awesome.

And, since we’re having a winter wedding, which means citrus will be in season, I was immediately drawn to the above florals by Minneapolis-based florist Munster Rose, which were featured in the new Martha Stewart Weddings magazine, and I think I am probably going to ask our future florist to come up with something very similar. I’m picturing lots of green and white with accents of orange and yellow and gold, and I would definitely like to incorporate actual citrus fruit into whatever we end up doing. Wouldn’t that smell nice, too?

Anyway, when it comes right down to it, R. and I could go down to the courthouse and get married in our sweatpants and I’d be completely happy, but it sure is going to be fun to plan this thing. You better believe there will be lots of Champagne.

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    January 8, 2015 at 9:14 am

    I can not wait to see what you come up with. You have the most wonderful style and you seem to be approaching this in the best way – a fun party is the way all weddings should be done! x

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