December 3, 2014

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For the first time in my 31 years–even though both sides of my family live there–we went to Pennsylvania for the Thanksgiving holiday. After some initial angst on my part (leaving Rambo for the first time, a three-hour flight delay on Wednesday due to snow in the northeast), we made it to Scranton on Wednesday night and had three days of food, family and fun (did I mention food?!). We spent Thanksgiving with my family, then headed to Long Island on Friday to see R.’s mom, sister and aunt, where we ate real New York bagels and pizza, cruised through beautiful Oyster Bay, visited Sagamore Hill and generally had a grand old time. Leaving on Saturday afternoon felt like our trip was being cut short–I so wish we’d had an extra day–but I can’t complain, because we really packed in so much and had such a wonderful time doing it. Above are a few snowy snapshots (that fourth photo is of my grandparents’ old house, which I always considered my second home. So bittersweet to visit it now that they’re gone).

I hope you had as wonderful a holiday as we did!

P.S. Coming up tomorrow is my 2014 holiday gift guide, followed next week by my own personal Christmas wishlist (because I felt like indulging myself in the form of a blog post). I hope you enjoy them!

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