December 19, 2014


Happy last-weekend-before-Christmas! Are you done with all your shopping? I finished mine last weekend, and I’m finally sending out the cards (that R. designed!) today, so hopefully they’ll make their way to their recipients by the holiday.

What are your plans for the weekend? R. just got back into town after a trip up north, and we don’t have any set plans, which is kind of delightful since next week is going to be so full of activity. It’s also supposed to be a beautiful weekend, weather-wise (highs in the low 70s), so I’m hoping a bike ride or a bridge walk or a stroll through the farmer’s market–or maybe all three–make it into the agenda.

Oh, and if you’re in the mood for some reading, here are 11 great links:

The year in great sentences. 

The merits of a quiet December. Need to remember this for next year.

Emily’s Christmas decor is lovely.

Fun party idea: A hot cocoa bar! 

Grace and Julia’s new home is making me want to leave Florida and head north to live in a century-old farmhouse.

Jenny Slate singing “Landslide” as Marcel the Shell is totally charming.

I made this cake for our office holiday potluck and it got raves; it was also super simple and quick to make. (My notes: Next time I’d use ginger, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, etc. instead of a pre-bought pumpkin pie spice mix, and I definitely did not use a pound of confectioners sugar for the frosting–more like 3 cups. Also, instead of milk, add a splash of vanilla.)

Just started listening to Serial; am obsessed. Did/do you guys listen, too?

Love these gold foil cards.

Love Actually characters, then and now. (Those facts are so random.)

Great interview with my cooking hero, Ina Garten.

And if you’re still shopping, here’s my 2014 holiday gift guide and my personal Christmas wishlist.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Photo via This is Glamorous

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