November 3, 2014


Welcome to a new series I’m calling “Pro Tip,” in which I share with you little lessons I’ve learned over the course of my 31 years that have somehow enhanced, improved or made my life a little easier. (And as someone who perpetually does things the hard way–intentionally or not–you can trust me when I say that these actually work.)

First up: text before you call someone (particularly your mother). I forget where I first read this (and if you know, please tell me!), but seriously, it is genius. 

Now, you may be thinking I’ve lost it right now–“why would I take the extra step of texting before I call?” you ask–but hear me out.

If you’re like me, and a parent or other family member calls you unexpectedly in the middle of the day, you immediately think something is terribly wrong. Specifically, that someone in your family has died. (Often, the same is true for your parent: If I call my mom to chat at lunchtime, which I do a lot, the first thing she says when she picks up the phone is usually, “Is everything OK?” Apple/tree, I guess.)

So, to ease your loved ones’ anxious minds, why not send a little note before you call saying that everything is OK, but that in a few minutes you’re going to call to chat? It’s such a little thing, but I promise it will give the other person some peace of mind. And that’s always a good thing, right?

Stay tuned for more pro tips soon!

Photo via my talented friend Naomi’s Instagram

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