November 17, 2014

gym clothes to work

I’ve been known to use my lunch break to take a Pure Barre class, but in the past it’s been a challenge for me to figure out what clothes to wear to the office on the days that I do. I work in a creative environment, so there’s a lot of freedom when it comes to our dress code (I’m in jeans 95 percent of the time), but even I wouldn’t wear flip-flops and my workout top to work.

Recently, though, I had an a-ha! moment and figured out a solution (inspired by this blog post), which is awesome because getting ready was encroaching into my lunch-break time, and I’m preeeeetty sure my boss wouldn’t be too happy if she knew that. So now, on days that I know I’m going to take a lunchtime class, here’s what I do:

It took me a long time to embrace them, but lululemon Wunder Under pants are truly the bees knees. They’re expensive, yes, but they’re also well-made, they’re comfortable, they keep their shape throughout the day and the black ones look exactly like regular leggings. So that’s where I start. I tuck the pants into a pair of tall boots, and then I add a long, swingy tunic top over my sports bra (which is probably not the most flattering, but it’s definitely practical). Then, when it comes time to change my clothes, all I have to do is replace my top with the one I want to wear to work out, slip off my boots and put on my Pure Barre sticky socks, and throw my hair in a ponytail. Easy-peasy! And seriously, it’s cut like 20 minutes off my getting-ready time, which is delightful.

My Recommendations:

Pants: Love these cropped or full-length.

Sports bra: I have this one, but this one is my next purchase (I need a little more support).

Office top: I have several by this brand and I love them; they are so soft and the perfect length.

Workout top: I usually choose something flowy, like this.

Boots: These cheapies from Target are cute and surprisingly comfortable.

Sticky socks: Available at Pure Barre.

Any work-to-workout tips of your own to share? Would love to hear!

P.S. I’ve never done a sponsored post, so this should come as no surprise, but this piece is not sponsored by any of the brands listed above; I just really love and recommend the products.

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