October 13, 2014

Halloween costumes

Do you dress up for Halloween? I haven’t gone all-out in many moons, probably since high school (I usually just throw on a black T-shirt , jeans and the furry cat-ears headband I’ve had for years), but this year I’m going to an actual Halloween event and I’m in need of a better costume. For awhile I thought about just going as a more elaborate cat (hey, I have the ears), but then I came up with a better idea:

I’m going as Flo, from the Progressive commercials! (Here’s a visual, in case you need one.)

The costume shouldn’t be too hard to put together–just a white polo shirt, white jeans (or white scrub pants) and Converse, with a white Progressive apron, a pin that says “I love insurance” and a name tag. And the makeup and hair are easy–a blue headband, cat-eye eyeliner and a red lip. I’m lucky my hair is already the right length/color.

I’m oddly proud of my choice of Halloween costume and I think it will be fun to pretend to be Flo (also, let’s be honest: I’m going to be comfortable in that outfit, too). What are your Halloween plans? Got any fun costumes up your sleeves?

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    October 13, 2014 at 9:16 am

    Our local pub is having a Shaun of the Dead night so I’m going to go as a zombie. I’m even going to take Flash as a zombie too. I think he’ll like that better than being a pumpkin!

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