August 11, 2014


We’ve had our rescue pup, Rambo, for three full months now (!), so I thought it was time for an official update (a “pupdate,” if you will).

  • First and foremost, the joy that this dog has brought to our lives is just…overwhelmingly awesome. We are obsessed with our pup. We talk about him all the time, we coo anytime he does anything cute, we’re just…smitten. Is this what having a baby is like?


  • Speaking of babies: If you can’t tell, we are also totally crazy dog parents. Rambo has a birth defect that affects his little knees, and the first time he popped the joint out of the socket (not abnormal with this condition), we both nearly had full-on panic attacks. After a probably-unnecessary trip to the vet, we’ve learned to relax a little, because the last thing we want to do is make Rambo anxious via our worrying. I have enough anxiety for everyone in our house, thankyouverymuch.


  • He is potty trained, thank goodness, but as far as other commands go it’s pretty hit or miss (especially since he loves nothing more than to hunt lizards in the back yard, and pretty much tunes out anything we say when he’s doing that. Dog ADD?). However, we started obedience school two weeks ago and so far it’s going really well. He is a master at “sit” and is getting better and better at “leave it”; we’re currently working on “heel.”


  • He is the most good-natured dog in the world; he’s always happy, he rarely barks (this seems amazing for a terrier mix, which is what he is) and he mostly just prefers to play with his toys or quietly hang out with us while we’re in the kitchen or watching TV. That being said, he does have crazy moments: The other night he raced around the yard three times in what we call “spastic mode,” then jumped around like a deer.


  • However, the rift between him and my cats is real–mostly because he wants to play and they do not want that, like, at all. This has been an uphill battle for everyone. I’m hopeful it will improve, and that my guilt will subside.


  • Freeze-dried raw chicken treats are his favorite things, with cheese coming in a close second.


  • His favorite toys are cat toys (see photo above). He enjoys them so much that he has totally ripped the stuffing out of two so far. It’s a good thing R. is a good toy seamstress/toy surgeon. We had to give a stuffed giraffe a big-time lobotomy last night.


  • This is bad, but he has taken to “sharing” my water with me when I have a glass in my hand, and it’s so cute that I’ve just been letting him do it. Some of my cups have wide enough mouths that he can stick his whole head in, and when he comes up for a breath after a big sip, his little beard dripping with water, it’s so damn adorable that it almost makes me forget what a bad habit that is. He also likes to lick the condensation on cups of all kinds.


  • He stays in his little crate  when we’re not home, but we’ve lost the battle of keeping him in said crate at night. We lost it in Week Two, actually: He was whimpering and sounded so pitiful (even though we moved the crate into the bedroom, next to our bed) that we caved and let him come up with us, and that’s where he sleeps now–either between us or on the big body pillow we keep behind our regular ones at the head of the bed. I’m not going to lie: We all kind of love it. Well, except the cats.


  • Have I mentioned we love him?

OK, now please mosey on down to the comments and let me know that you’re equally as obsessed with your pets. Anecdotes encouraged.

P.S. Where it all began.


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    Alicia | Jaybird Blog
    August 11, 2014 at 4:15 pm

    We’re feeling the same way about Leo, my parents’ new pup! The only issue is that he is decidedly NOT potty trained…we’re revamping our pup strategic plan at the moment. It’s normal to be obsessed, and to take one million pictures…or at least I’m telling myself that!

    • Reply
      Megan @ Pink O'Clock
      August 12, 2014 at 11:58 am

      Leo is the CUTEST ball of fluff ever, Alicia. Keep the pictures coming!

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    Sarah | For the Love of Chow
    August 11, 2014 at 10:46 pm

    You know that I will enable any and all pet obsessions! He sounds like a real catch, and I’m so happy you’re showcasing him on your blog. There are so many grand slam pups needing homes out there, and you guys found the perfect one for you! And the cats will figure out life – they just need time. I would ask the trainer at school (if you haven’t already) if they have any suggestions for the cat/dog situation. I have no experience, having the unlucky trait of being allergic to cats :-/ Or as my father-in-law says, “A gift from God so that you couldn’t become an animal hoarder.” He knows me so well!

    • Reply
      Megan @ Pink O'Clock
      August 12, 2014 at 12:12 pm

      Haha, thank you, Sarah! I so appreciate your animal activism, too. We need more people like you in the world!

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