June 3, 2014

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Lately I’ve been dreaming of a summer vacation–maybe a trip back to Savannah or Charleston or San Diego, or maybe someplace I’ve never been, like Maine or New Orleans or San Francisco. I’m really bad about taking vacations–I have a lot of (self-imposed) guilt about missing work, and often my budget just doesn’t allow for big trips–but I see the value in getting away from the everyday grind for awhile, and all the benefits that can bring.

A recent AirBNB search–just for fun–brought me to this property in Atlanta’s Buckhead neighborhood, and oh my God I totally know where we’re headed next. How beautiful and lush and romantic is this place? I never would have thought to take a vacation to Atlanta, but I’m absolutely rethinking that now. Can you just imagine walking up to this place at night, all covered in twinkle lights, or walking across that little foot bridge, or waking up to those green trees? Just looking at these photos is like a little eye-vacation; I can’t imagine what staying there must be like.

Atlanta, we’re coming for you sometime soon.

What’s the last great vacation you took? Are you going anywhere fun this summer?

All photos via AirBNB

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