June 10, 2014


Today, as I dropped off some clothes at the tailor, I got to thinking about the five professionals (I think) every girl needs in her life. While everyone’s list will be a little different, here the people–beside my friends and family–that it would be very hard for me to function without:

  • A good doctor. It took me ages to work up the nerve to go to the doctor (ironically, I never went because I was afraid something would be wrong–ah, denial), so when I finally did it was really important that I saw someone I felt comfortable with. I asked my friends for recommendations for a general practitioner, OB-GYN, dermatologist and therapist, and I’m happy to say that I’m no longer nearly as scared when my appointments roll around.
  • A great hairdresser. I recently switched to a new hairdresser and salon because I never really felt super-connected with my old one, and I’m happy to say that within five minutes, the new stylist and I totally hit it off.  She gave me a great cut, understood exactly what I was looking for and knew how to work with my hair type. Win-win-win.
  • A wonderful aesthetician. I’ve written about how fantastic my aesthetician, Renata, is before; not only does she keep my brows in tip-top shape, she also gives a killer facial and is just a lovely human being.
  • A capable tailor. Until very recently, I would buy clothes and wear them right off the rack, whether they fit perfectly or not. These days, I understand the impact hemming pants or adjusting a strap can make, and I’ve found an awesome tailor who can basically do anything I ask for–but who will also tell me if something just won’t work.
  • A motivating exercise instructor/trainer. You all know how I feel about Pure Barre already, but I will tell you that there are certain instructors who motivate me way more than others. The same goes for yoga or spin classes. It’s good to have a favorite instructor–not only will it motivate you to actually go work out, he or she will keep you going while you do it, too.

How about you? Who would make your list?

Photo by Shannon Kirsten Photography, via The Everygirl

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