February 3, 2014


More and more, I rely on my phone for…well, almost everything. I use it as an alarm clock, as a calendar, for reminders, to keep lists, to check email, etc., etc.–I’m sure you can relate. So I’m always on the lookout for apps that help me work more efficiently (or that add entertainment to my life), and I thought I’d share three of my favorites with you here today.


Mailbox is the best app I’ve ever downloaded. Before it, I would just let emails sit in my inbox–I never deleted them, filed them, etc., and if I needed to save one for later, I had to scroll back through a ton of messages to find it when the time came. An inbox with zero emails in it was a mythical thing.

That is, until Mailbox. I admit it: I bought into the hype and waited an obscene amount of time on a “waiting list” before I was able to download it, but it was worth it. Now, after I’m done with an email, I swipe my finger across the screen and it gets sent to an archive folder–it’s removed from my inbox. If I want to come back to one at a later date, I hit the “snooze” button and I can set a date and time for when I want it to reappear–until then, it gets moved to its own “later” folder. And you can create infinite other folders for filing mail away, too. I love this app and I’d recommend it to anyone who hates dealing with her inbox. It’s fab. 


Sunrise is an alternative to the calendar app that comes with the iPhone, and I like it much better–it has a cleaner, more intuitive interface, for one, and there are fun little add-ons, like what the weather will be at the time of one of your scheduled appointments. I really like it.


You all already probably use this VSCO app–I’ve had it on my phone for awhile, myself, but I’ve only recently started actively using it. I like that the filters are a little more subtle than the ones that are built in to Instagram, and I feel like using the app makes me consider what I’m photographing a little more.

What apps do you guys love these days? Please share–I’d love to know what you’re using and enjoying.

Photo by Victoria Smith

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