February 7, 2014

swedish hasbeens

Today I think we should talk about shoes, because it’s Friday and my arm is still in a sling and why not?

I’ve been wanting a pair of Swedish Hasbeens clogs for awhile–ever sine I saw them on some design blog years ago–but the price was always too prohibitively high for me to even consider investing in them, although I did keep an eye out for sales. Then, the other day, I saw a pair in the natural color I’d been coveting marked way, way down on Amazon and I knew I had to snap them up. They arrived a few days later and I immediately took them out for a spin.

You guys, I love them. They’re a little granny-chic–which I find awesome–but the natural color goes with everything, the wood sole and heel are super light (I expected them to be much heavier than they actually are), and they’re really well made. They did take a couple of wears to break in–I’d recommend putting socks on and walking around in them at home before wearing them out somewhere, because the leather needs to stretch–but now they’re my favorite shoe and I really want another pair in a different color (maybe red). So yes, yay for shoes  and yay for Friday.

Any shoe brands–or new finds in general–you’re loving right now? (And yes, for all my northern friends, I realize it’s unfair of me to be posting about wearing open-toe clogs in February when others are in the midst of the polar vortex, but trust me, come August you won’t be jealous of the Florida heat, I swear.)

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