January 17, 2014

emojis IRL

Emojis IRL

Emojis IRL

Emojis IRL

Emojis IRL

I resisted emojis until I just couldn’t, and now I’m in love with them and use them all the time. The poop one is by far my favorite, although I’m also partial to any of the cat ones (obvs) as well as the flamenco dancer.

(Funny side note: My mother also loves them and more often than not I get a random text with, like, a flower or a shrimp in it. Always a day-maker.)

Anyway, when I stumbled upon the Tumblr “EMOJI IRL” (via Refinery29), I was smitten. I mean, how awesome are these photos? I love them, and I can’t wait to see which new emojis are added next.

P.S. Daily dishonesties.

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