December 9, 2013


This week seems to be the week of holiday parties: I have a couple to go to, including my office’s, and it seems like most of my friends do, too. And while of course I’m looking forward to hanging out with coworkers and friends, I’m also super-excited to bust out all my sparkly clothes. My love of sparkle is not season-specific–I’ll wear a sequin any time of year–but it does become heightened during the holidays, and I really can’t wait to dress up.

Have you guys already begun the holiday party circuit? I’m also trying to get on top of my card-writing and starting to plan my cookie-baking strategy, and I set up a gift spreadsheet in Google Docs this afternoon (which is so the antithesis of my usual personality it’s crazy. Who am I?! But hey, it works.) I was planning on going all-out on the decorating this year, too, but recent events have caused me to realize that it’s probably not a good idea to bring much more into my apartment than I need to. I’m still going to pick up a little fresh pine wreath, though.

What have you guys been doing to celebrate the holidays, if you do? Please share–I love to hear others’ rituals and traditions.

Photo is my own; lace dress is past season Anthropologie; black sequin dress is from a little shop here in Sarasota called Binjara Traders; pink beaded top current-season Anthropologie; gray sequined sweater (the softest thing I own!) is from a little consignment shop in Winter Park near my parents’ house. 

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