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July 11, 2013

I recently scored a pair of totally awesome mid-century modern chairs from an Orlando thrift shop (they have the same shape as the ones in the first photo above, but with arms and different fabric—like this), and am so excited to get them down to Sarasota, because my living room is in dire need of some help. My lovely furry roommates have clawed up the single chair in it, and while I have a pretty large sofa, if more than three people come over, someone inevitably has to sit on the floor (it’s usually me, and I totally don’t mind, but others might). So among other things, more seating is required – that is why am now checking the Club Furniture sofas.

And actually, when I first saw the new chairs, they immediately made me think of Bri’s amazing living room makeover, shown above, and how I want to decorate my future home. I seriously think hers might be my dream living room—I am smitten with mid-century details and the bright colors and how each piece has so much personality.

My house and putting effort into decorating it is something I struggle with, and something I’ve gone on about ad nauseum before. It really does look like I’ll be moving again sometime within the next year, hopefully to a bigger place (fingers crossed!), so I often think it makes more sense to wait to do anything, but at the same time, I want to love my apartment now, you know? Also, while moving is likely, it’s not like there’s a date set, so there’s no guarantee, you know?

I guess furniture can always move with me, so there’s probably no harm in looking for cool pieces that can easily be painted or refinished at local thrift shops and Goodwills (Sarasota’s are legitimate treasure troves—you can get amazing things on the cheap). And maybe it’s time to start (slowly) saving up for a new sofa, which would make a huge difference.

What’s your decorating philosophy? How do you renters choose when and how to invest in your places?

P.S. In addition to the chairs, I also recently got my paws on an awesome vintage bar cart—this actually a present from my mom; it just needs glass—from the same thrift shop. I may not be able to do the whole vintage clothing thing, but I’m kind of proud of my furniture-hunting skills right now.

Photos by Laure Joliet for Designlovefest

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