Let’s talk about my hair some more!

June 4, 2012

Well, after all the talk of bangs last week, I ended up with…not a lot of bangs. I do, however, have a lot of layers and a really deep, dark, chocolate-y, almost-black color that I am in love with. It may seem counter-intuitive to darken one’s hair in the summer, but I march to the beat of my own drummer…or something. And anyway, this color–while darker than my natural dark brown–feels like me, which is a relief.

Don’t get me wrong, I really liked the balyage I had put in around the holidays–you can see some of it in the photo above–and the woman who put that color in my hair did a great job. But it started to feel tired after a couple of months, and when I was in Target trying on a maxi dress  a week ago, I noticed a bright blonde stripe right in the middle of my ponytail that was, in some weird way,  totally appalling to me (I believe this is what’s known as a “first world problem”). So–because I am fueled in great part by instant gratification–I picked up the phone and made a hair appointment that very day.

The funny thing is, I made an appointment with a stylist who’d cut my hair before, and who cuts my friend Kate’s hair regularly and does a great job. So I felt pretty confident in how my ‘do was going to turn out. But then, on Friday afternoon, I got a call from a very nice-sounding woman at the salon, informing me that said stylist had sliced her thumb open in a freak kitchen accident and could not fit that digit through her cutting shears. I could reschedule my appointment, she offered apologetically, or switch to a different stylist.

Because I’d been excited about getting my hair cut all week, I decided to keep my appointment but switch stylists, and let me tell you: There is something disconcerting about heading into a situation in which someone who has never touched the hair of anyone you know is about to come at you with a pair of scissors. I’m not even one who’s particularly attached to my hair–I lopped off a whopping 10 inches last spring and didn’t flinch–and I was still a little wary.

But DeeAnn, the woman who cut and supervised the coloring of my hair, was just lovely, and it’s kind of a relief to think that I’ve finally found a salon I’ll be sticking with, and, frankly, always should have stuck with. It’s important for a girl to have a good hair salon, I think; there’s something about getting a great haircut that boosts the self-esteem.

Plus: head massages while being shampooed.

I mean, come on.

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    June 4, 2012 at 4:15 pm

    Already said this, but yep, it looks good! I’ve tried out all sorts of brown shades in the past but I’m my happiest at my natural dark brown. So yay for dark hair! I sort of wish I could allow myself to spend money on hair cuts, but I just take my stubborn thick hair to a cheap place and hope for the best. It works out alright, but maybe I should just go for it sometime… ; )

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