September 6, 2011

fall uniform

i’ve said before — ad nauseum — that we floridians don’t begin feeling relief from summer-warm temperatures until at least the end of october (but really november, if i’m being honest). (it’s also not uncommon for us to have an 80-degree christmas.) that said, i can’t stop daydreaming about fall clothes, and this outfit is one that i would wear in a heartbeat. i’ve got plenty of striped shirts and dark-denim jeans, but i have, for some reason, fallen head over heels for those wedges, in both the pictured animal print and this “whisky” color. i also own exactly zero blazers (i know), so i’m adding one of them to my fall shopping list, as well, and i wouldn’t turn up my nose at the bag and the belt i’ve included here, either.

you hurry up and get here, fall.

p.s. i hope you all had excellent labor day weekends.

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    September 7, 2011 at 12:42 am

    love these picks! In fact, I’m wearing a shirt almost just like that one right now 🙂

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