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May 9, 2011

happy monday, everyone — did you have a good weekend and a good mother’s day? i had to stay in sarasota this weekend and missed my mom terribly, but we talked on the phone, she got the gift i sent her earlier in the week, and i made my brother deliver a card and flowers, so all was well.

a snapshot of the weekend, in five parts:

1. peonies. my favorite flower.
2. cakey buttermilk pancakes. (i use this recipe — easy, quick, delicious.)
3. bethenny frankel yoga. (no, i am not kidding. best yoga workout i’ve done in a long time.)
4. beautiful, sunny weather.
5. salted caramel brownies. oh my god. (more to come on these.)

five commitments for the upcoming week:

1. remain focused in the face of continued busyness. (again, though, i really like it.)
2. cook as many meals as possible from scratch. (i’ve been really good about this lately and would like to continue.)
3. practice patience. and, on a related note, also acceptance.
4. finally cross a couple of things off my to-do list that i’ve been procrastinating on (most of which involve the post office).
5. spend time with some friends who will be in town at the end of the week — i’m so excited to see them, especially since one lives far away (hi, jenn!) and one is moving to new york in july.

pretty photo by punkinmom.

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