baked!: salted caramel brownies.

May 12, 2011

all right, guys. this is serious.

we need to talk about salted caramel brownies.

these little bits of heaven have been on my mind since i first made my no-fail brownies (actually a king arthur flour recipe) — in fact, those brownies were simply a test batch to ensure that they would be the right vehicle for the salted caramel variety. happily, they were — and they totally stand on their own and are delicious in their own right. if you’re looking for a great brownie recipe, i highly recommend them. but i wanted to take them up a notch, to quote emeril lagasse. so: salted caramel it was.

per olivia, the queen of salted caramel brownies, i used smitten kitchen’s buttery salted caramel recipe, and it couldn’t have been easier: just sugar, salted butter and heavy cream. after it was done, i set it aside, made the brownie batter, then put a layer of brownie batter in a greased pan, drizzled half the caramel on top, and repeated. olivia says the key to the success of these brownies is to underbake them by 5-10 minutes, so i put mine in the oven for about 27 minutes and then stuck them in the fridge for another two hours before i finally had to have a taste.

they. are. delicious. and if you’re in need of a baked-good gift or party treat, give these a try. i promise your guests won’t be disappointed.

note: this post disappeared in the great blogger outage of may 2011, so if you left a comment and it’s not showing up, my apologies.

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