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November 11, 2010

taking a page from melisa’s blog and sharing the random things on my mind right now. thanks for indulging me.

+ a birthday-party-filled weekend. 
+ finding joy.
+ the holidays: turkey, pumpkin pie, peppermint, hot chocolate.
+ 2011.
+ baking, always.
+ clothes, always.
+ my new obsession with jeffrey campbell wedges.
+ side-swept bangs (yay or nay?).
+ how cute oscar is when he throws one paw over his face while he’s sleeping, like, “people, please. i’m trying to snooze.”
+ how much i’d like a dog of my own, and how very, very, very much i miss our family pup, lola.
+ a rug for the living room.
+ the amount of love i have for semicolons — they’re so woolfian.
+ how happy i am that we’re one wee day away from the weekend. yay.

what’s on your mind today? xoxo

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    Mo Pie, Please
    November 11, 2010 at 6:32 pm

    I enjoyed participating in her post on this and I’m enjoying participating in yours too! Today I’m thinking about ::
    * Buying lightbulbs, batteries and potting mix today
    * Singing and how much I miss it
    * Lunch
    * Snuggly kitties
    * my husband and how stressed out he is over work, poor guy
    * decorating for Christmas
    * redecorating
    * buying a house next year
    * warshington state and git-tar, listening to a Loretta Lynn interview
    * missing my grandma who’s voice sounded a lot like Loretta Lynn’s

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    November 14, 2010 at 7:24 pm

    hey chicklette! i miss your lovely posts! i’m back working in the office, so blog reading/writing time is non-existent 🙁
    hope you’re doing great & had a lovely weekend!

    some things i’m thinking about…
    – learning to play the cello (i’ve always wanted to learn!)
    – the upholstery project i *finally* completed (i think my husband was getting a little tired of the un-upholstered chair in the house!)
    – warm cups of tea on this chilly day
    – the holidays that are quickly approaching
    – getting some furniture into our apartment! (we just moved and sold everything!)

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