February 16, 2009

hello, my loves–i’m so sorry for the (unintentional) blog hiatus! last week was a really, really rough one, and i didn’t have time to post. but i’m back now, and to kick off this week–albeit a little late–i give you these balloons. let’s call it a peace offering, shall we?

see you tomorrow. until then, i’ll leave you with these (super-random) thoughts:

+ saw he’s just not that into you this weekend with some gal pals. my thoughts? it was a little “eh,” although good for valentine’s day. what did you think?
+ i’ve started eating fish again after five years of no meat whatsoever, and i had a piece of white tuna sashimi at yume sushi here in sarasota on saturday night. um, hello–where have you been all my life?
+ i have to move, and i’m really excited about (a) more space–it will be so nice to have a bedroom, and not have friends use my bed for seating when they come over and (b) arranging my furniture/stuff. expect pics and questions starting in april. all i can think of right now is hauling my cookies to target to pick up some of the orla kiely line for my new place.
+ i am re-watching season one of grey’s anatomy, and can i just say that–while i still love the show and will always be loyal–it was at its best in seasons one and two. i love tv on dvd.

{ image via oh joy. don’t you love balloons? }

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