beach day.

September 26, 2008

the weather was incredible yesterday — the kind of perfect that reminds me that although i complain about living in this state for four months out of the year, late september to april are pretty much bliss.

and i felt autumn in the air all day — from the morning temperatures that finally hit the 60s to the nonexistent humidity to the cool breeze that followed me wherever i went. so where did i choose to go after a nutty day at work? the beach, of course. here are a few pictures for you (click to enlarge):

{ the sky was incredible — a mix of blue and white and gold. }

{ the way the light reflects off the water always gets me — i love it. }

{ some para-sailers (i think — correct me if i’m wrong) practicing. }

{ i wear flipflops pretty much year-round. i kind of love that about living here. also, yes, those are little arms on my keys — my friend t. gave me a monster-shaped key cover. so cute! }

{ here i am looking totally goofy in ridiculously large sunglasses, wearing my ipod. i pretty much just plopped down in the sand — no towel, no nothing. that’s how i roll. }

happy, happy weekend, my loves! i hope yours are lovely and fall-like — what are your plans? xoxox

{ all images in this post by yours truly. }

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    please sir
    September 26, 2008 at 4:44 pm

    Oh looks so lovely and nice – I’m hitting the beach next weekend and can’t wait!

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